Lake Manyara, a little gem


This gem of a national park stretches 50km along the bed of the Rift Valley across floodplains, mahogany woodlands, alkaline lakes, and stretches up the rift’s mighty escarpment. Lake Manyara has many charms and its proximity to the Ngorongoro Crater makes it a wonderful place to spend some time on safari.


Deep Sea Fishing


Join us for a day out big game fishing in the waters of Zanzibar and the Pemba channel. Our deep-sea fishing charter boats are fully equipped and ready to take you out for a unforgettable fishing experience. Trailing a combination of lures, natural dead baits or live bait is how fishing is done. Our well-equipped […]


Dhow Safaris


We strive to provide the highest quality dhow sailing excursions in Zanzibar and are passionate about offering the ‘dhow experience’.From enjoying a tantalizing seafood feast on the beautiful Pange Sandbank to snorkeling in the live coral reef that surrounds it, to touring the infamous. Prison Island or sailing the sea at sunset for the perfect […]


Dive and Snorkel in Zanzibar


Zanzibar diving and snorkeling is amongst the most spectacular in the world with stunning coral gardens and more than 350 fish species recorded. The diverse aquatic life off Zanzibars coast includes frequent sightings of turtles and dolphins, as well as occasional sightings of humpback whales and whale sharks! Our magnificant 20+ dive sites offer variety […]